Find all the answers to your frequently asked questions here. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please reach out and contact me via the contact page or by sending an email to hello@motherdeer.com.au. I'm always happy to help.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All items are printed to order and the standard processing time is 7-10 business days. If you require something sooner, please contact me prior to ordering and I will see if I can help you out. 

While I endeavour to process all orders as quickly as possible, I am unable to guarantee an exact delivery date, however tracking numbers are supplied with all dispatched orders. 

 Australia Post domestic delivery estimates are as follows:  

Parcel Post – 2-14 business days 

Express Post - 1-8 business days 

 Please Note: Australia Post’s Express Post Next Day Delivery Guarantee is currently suspended. Express Post items still require the standard processing time.

How much is shipping?

I charge a flat rate for shipping, which means you can add as many items to your order for the one price. All items are shipped via Australia Post Parcel Post.

Shipping is FREE if you spend $100 or more.

Standard Shipping = $10.00

Express Post = $13.00

Do you offer International Shipping?

Unfortunately at the moment, Mother Deer only currently accepts and ships orders within Australia.

Where do your designs come from?

I am an artist and a qualified Illustrator. I draw all the designs myself. Before the invention of today’s technology I was a traditional artist, creating all my artworks in watercolour paint and pencil on paper. It still takes me time and effort to create all of my designs, but now I draw digitally on my iPad.

All designs are my original work and unique to Mother Deer. Therefore they are also protected by Copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without my permission.

How do I pay?

All orders are placed through this website and you can pay securely via the following payment methods:

Credit or Debit Card (All major cards are accepted)



Once you have placed your order you will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.

Where and how are your T-Shirts printed?

I print all Mother Deer T-Shirts myself, in my home studio. All T-Shirts are printed to order by Direct To Garment print. Direct To Garment (or DTG for short) printing is the latest and most advanced method of T-Shirt printing.

As the name implies, DTG printing uses ink to print directly onto the fabric. The ink goes straight into the fibres of the fabric, meaning you don’t feel the design or ink when you touch it. DTG produces a soft, natural finish. The ink is water based and OEKO-TEX certified.

As I print each T-Shirt myself to order, I ensure the quality and durability of each print. No mass print runs or production here! But as with any garment printing process, a certain amount of fading of the design is to be expected over time.

What brand blank t-shirts do you use?

I use AS Colour Women’s Maple Tees for most of the sizes (8 - 18) and AS Colour Men’s Staple Tees for sizes 20 - 24.

Do you offer any T-Shirt colours other than white?

Currently I only offer white t-shirts but this will change in the near future as I am going to be adding other colour options to my range. Stay tuned!

How do I look after my new T-Shirt?

Great question! I’m glad you asked as there definitely are some Do’s and Dont’s that you should follow to make sure your t-shirt and its print stays in great condition.


Always read and follow the care instructions provided with your t-shirt.

Please similar colours together like white with other white clothes and darker colours together. You don’t want your white t-shirt to suddenly turn pink after washing it together with a red t-shirt. I’m speaking from experience here!

Always turn your t-shirt inside out before washing.

Wash by hand where possible or machine wash on cold, gentle cycle.

Dry flat in shade.



Avoid washing powders and liquids that contain bleach. Or any optical whiteners such as Napisan, as this will erode the print on your t-shirt.

Soak your item. Spot stain remove only, where possible.

Do not iron over print.

Don’t leave your t-shirt to dry in direct hot sun for too long as this will fade the print.

It all sounds harder than it is but by following these care guidelines, your t-shirt and its print should last for many years to come.