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Mother Deer

"Difficult Roads" Mountain Goat Art Print

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Life is not always easy. You can meet some particularly tough challenges on your journey and meet parts of yourself you never knew existed. Difficult life events can turn even the calmest person into a whirlwind of emotions. But that’s ok.

The very definition of “Difficult” is “needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand”. It's not easy, no, but what feels hard now won’t always be this way. 

Challenges and experiences, good and bad, shape who we are.

You may feel the obstacles on your road ahead are insurmountable. Just focus though on one step at a time, one day, or even just one hour at a time.

Trust in yourself and your strength. You will soon find that you are making your way down that difficult road and before long, whatever it looks like for you, you will have reached that beautiful destination.


  • Printed to order on 300gsm premium watercolour paper.
  • Available in A4 or A5 size.
  • Comes unframed - Easy to frame yourself to suit your space.