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Mother Deer

"Field of Unicorns" Horse Art Print

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Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses...that's what we're told these days. But you know what? I want to change that around.
I know this is going to break my 5yo daughter's heart, but unicorns are not real. Unfortunately the ideal of a unicorn is an added pressure put upon us to live up to in our modern world.
We're told to stand out from the crowd, be a "unicorn" mother, wife, business, whatever it may be and live life as great, bright and sparkly as you can!
We feel we need to make it look like we're enjoying every minute of everything life throws at us and coping with the challenges all the time! I'm looking at you social media!
I get it. I understand where this saying came from and I mean no offence to unicorns. (I actually really enjoyed drawing these ones). I definitely want to encourage my own daughter to be her best and brightest self. But I also want her to know that it's ok to have days where she can't be as well.
It's ok not to run with the crowd and go along with all the things you think you "should" do. It's ok to not have or do all the things you think you "should" to fit in. A lot of it is not real anyway. 
But you know what is real? A horse. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and are majestic, strong, sure footed animals that the human race would have not got as far without.
I know which one I would prefer to be.
Be a HORSE in a field of unicorns.



  • Printed to order on 300gsm premium watercolour paper.
  • Available in A4 or A5 size.
  • Comes unframed - Easy to frame yourself to suit your space.