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Mother Deer

"How Far You've Come" Giraffe Art Print

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Do you look back to the past & think about all the “If only’s"? If only I had said this, if only I had done that, if only things had happened differently? We can torture ourselves endlessly thinking about the past and everything that has come before.

 We spend too much time reminiscing about the past & beating ourselves up mentally and emotionally for all the things that “should” have happened differently.

 ​Having fond memories that we cherish and being able to remember them is what makes life beautiful. Just don’t get so caught up regretting things from the past that it robs you of today.

As much as we sometimes would like to, we can’t change the past. The only moment we truly have control over is the one that is happening right now. Today.

Only look back to see how far you’ve come. I am sure it’s a very long way and a journey to be proud of.


  • Printed to order on 300gsm premium watercolour paper.
  • Available in A4 or A5 size.
  • Comes unframed - Easy to frame yourself to suit your space.