"Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt
"Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt
"Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt
"Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt
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"Mumma Bear" Women's T-Shirt

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  • White t-shirt with direct to garment print
  • Unique hand drawn design, individually printed to order 
  • Water Based OEKO- TEX® certified safe ink. 
  • Cotton / Elastane Combed Jersey Fabric
  • 190 gsm mid-weight
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Wide oval collar
  • Folded cap sleeves
  • Scoop hem
  • Double-Needle Hemstitching
  • Available in sizes XS to XL. Please refer to size chart.
Through history, bears have existed in most parts of the world and due to this, bear meanings and symbolism appear in the art, legends, and folklore of many different cultures.

Bears exemplify what it means to be strong and powerful. Other traits that bears have been used to symbolise include protectiveness, courage, patience, playfulness, curiosity, cuddliness, calm, as well as ferocity. There’s a lot of traits in that list that also perfectly describe a mother.

We’ve all heard of the “Mumma Bear” archetype. This term comes from bears being extremely protective of their young. A mother bear will go to any length to protect her cubs. She can take a lot on her shoulders but once her fierceness is roused, do not stand in her way or you will feel the wrath of the “Mumma Bear”! I often use this term to describe myself when I have felt the need to jump to my daughter’s defence. I tell my husband…”I went full “Mumma Bear today!”

From a spiritual aspect, the bear as a spirit animal reminds you that no matter how much you want to achieve a goal, often it’s patience and tenacity that will get you what you want. This is very true when it comes to our children…whether it be getting them in their car seat or to eat their dinner!

The bear is the quintessential protector and guardian and I want this design to remind you to exert extreme protectiveness of not just those you love and that which you hold dear, but of yourself as well! Just like in winter, when bears go into hibernation, as mothers we also need our time to rest, reflect and recharge. It is not easy but try to find ways you can incorporate time for you in your day. Even 5 deep breaths while going to the bathroom can do wonders!

If you feel you have become a bit lost or stuck on your motherhood journey, remind yourself that as a mother your purpose is far larger than you may imagine it to be. You are worthy and are stronger than you think you are. Following the bear’s example, you can learn to find your inner reserves of strength and power. You may not always realise you have it, but just like a mother bear, you do!  Let this design be a reminder of that.

Stand tall Mumma Bear. You got this! xx
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Rhiannon D.
Australia Australia
Highly recommend Mother Deer!

A beautifully made tshirt that is now my absolute favourite! Good quality product and excellent customer service. It’s great to find a tshirt that fits nicely and compliments bigger mummas and it was also easy to breastfeed in. Highly recommend Mother Deer!