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Mother Deer

"Transformation Takes Time" Butterfly Art Print

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The word “transform” means to make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of something.

You might be trying to change your way of thinking, your physical appearance (although I think you’re beautiful just the way you are), or the way you respond emotionally to something.

Whatever it may be, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change all take time.

A true symbol of transformation is the butterfly. Did you know that once inside it’s cocoon a caterpillar completely dissolves into a soup-like substance before changing and taking it’s new shape as a butterfly? How amazing is that!

Whatever it is you are wanting to achieve, you will get there. One step at a time. You don’t start from point A and get to point B overnight. Everything takes time. Just as it takes time for a caterpillar to emerge as a butterfly.

Enjoy the journey as this is where the real lessons are.

Transformation takes time. xx


  • Hand drawn design.
  • Printed to order on 300gsm premium watercolour paper.
  • Available in A4 or A5 size.
  • Comes unframed - Easy to frame yourself to suit your space.